Contract and Terms of Service

The simple act of Completing your Registration implies the full acceptance of the Contract and Terms of Service of the company Real Trading.

REAL TRADING: REAL TRADING PROFESSIONAL LIMITED, company registered under No. 10754917 with headquarters in Center Heights, 137 Finchley Road, London, United Kingdom, NW3 6JG, that operates with a 100% online site where anyone in the world can contract one of the offered plans And benefit from the work of bitcoins and crypto-currency trading professionals and optionally participate in an exclusive nomination earnings system from our International Referral Program.

BACK OFFICE: Online access area via LOGIN and PASSWORD where the INVESTOR can manage the earnings of its investments and its network of referrals from our International Referral Program, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

INVESTOR: Anyone in the world who signs up and hires one of REAL TRADING's investment plans.

DAILY PROFIT: Dollar Value ($) that an INVESTOR earns on a daily profit forever, referring to your investment and contracted plan.

REFERRAL COMMISSION: Percentage that the INVESTOR earns whenever it indicates a NEW INVESTOR for REAL TRADING.

UPLINE: INVESTOR who gave you REAL TRADING investment opportunity.

Here all the rules are arranged to an INVESTOR who hires the services of REAL TRADING:


1.1. Anyone of the world who is of legal age can register and contract one of our investment plans and optionally participate in an exclusive nomination earnings system from our International Referral Program.


2.1. All INVESTORS are entitled to use BACK OFFICE to manage their nominees, their earnings and investments, provided they are up to date with their obligations within the REAL TRADING system.

2.2. The INVESTOR also receives an indication link, this link must be passed on to its nominees so that they are connected to the INVESTOR at the time of registration.

2.3. REAL TRADING pays your earnings daily in dollar ($), but for this to occur you need to register your Bitcoin, Payeer or Perfect Money Wallet and own at least 2 $ to make your withdrawal in BACK OFFICE, without it, REAL TRADING can´t pay your winnings.

2.4. Your DAILY PROFIT happens from the first day after paying your investment in the contracted plan once you become an INVESTOR, our system computes DAILY PROFIT every day of the week from Monday through Sunday directly on your statement Of earnings.

2.5. Your DAILY PROFITS are linked to the values of your INVESTMENTS and contracting plan.

2.6. The general rules of DAILY PROFIT and construction of the network of nominees that REFERRAL COMISSION generates are expressed directly in the BACK OFFICE and form an integral part of this agreement, always prevailing the informed online.


3.1. Your registration may be deleted after 30 days from the date of registration if the payment of the contracted plan is not computed by the REAL TRADING system.

3.2. INVESTIGATORS complaint about a misconduct involving you denigrating the image of REAL TRADING in front of other INVESTORS, in any case, also forces us to cancel your agreement without prior notice.

3.3. If you are disclosing your REAL TRADING referral link on your site or any third party site that violates any law of your country or international law, we may at any time, if notified, cancel your registration without notice.


4.2. We have the best security devices on the market, all our pages are safe and are identified by HTTPS: // ensuring that you are surfing in a totally secure online environment.

4.3. Your data is completely secure with us, our systems back up the database several times a day, thus ensuring the maximum possible data security and privacy.

4.4. We do not tolerate SPAM, if you make SPAM to disclose your referral link and we receive a claim, your account with us will be canceled without prior notice.


5.1. REAL TRADING reserves the right to modify any of the Contract and Terms of Service and general company rules at any time at our exclusive right.

5.2. Any changes, whether in the Terms of Service, the general rules or the investment plans, are fixed or variable, we will inform via E-mail and News, of such a change whenever possible.

5.3. If you do not agree to such changes, his only resource is to terminate your agreement.


6.1. Nothing between REAL TRADING and INVESTOR will create any agency, franchise, partnership, joint venture or employment relationship.

6.2. The INVESTOR is not permitted to accept or make any offer or make representations on behalf of REAL TRADING, if you do, you will be penalized with the cancellation of the contract.

6.3. REAL TRADING does not require any type of goal, or if it is timely, or does not determine what the INVESTOR must do to achieve their DAILY PROFITS.

6.4. The INVESTOR declares himself free to come and go and build his network of nominees in the manner and time that most convenient for him and without giving any statement to REAL TRADING.


7.1. REAL TRADING shall not be liable for indirect, special or consequential damages, any loss of revenue or profits arising in connection with this Contract and Terms of Service, even if you have been advised of the possibility of such damages.


8.1. REAL TRADING makes no representation that the operation of your site will be uninterrupted or error free and will not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors.

8.2. REAL TRADING also does not give any guarantee of earnings with the development of its network of nominees. The value of the REFERRAL COMISSION that an INVESTOR can earn is directly proportional to their own efforts and personal commitment to the disclosure of their referral link.


9.1. Any promotion that REAL TRADING creates will have its rules informed.

9.2. The exchange of UPLINE is expressly prohibited.

9.3. It is expressly prohibited to sell, transfer, name or subcontract this Contract and Terms of Service or any right or obligation set forth herein. Any act by way of derogation from the foregoing shall be null and void.

9.4. This agreement starts on the date when the REAL TRADING system recognizes the payment of the investment in the contracted plan and ends when the INVESTOR or REAL TRADING cancels the agreement.


10.1. I declare that I have read all of these Terms of Service and that I agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth herein. I have evaluated and made a decision to participate and am not relying on any gain if not otherwise reported in our investment plans.